» Don't find fault,
find a remedy. «
Henry Ford

Whether you're a major international company, a local supplier, or a medium-sized business with very specific challenges …

.: b2b software development

As specialists for business applications we will combine your individual requirements with our professional software solutions.
We gathered a wealth of project experience in finance, telecommunications, automotive engineering, retail, logistics and medical services.


Topics often raised include:

  - Identity Management - Logistics Coordination
  - Financial Management - Case Management
  - Enterprise Resource Planning - Internet/Portal Systems
  - Human Resources planning - Quality Monitoring


Services we offer include:

  - Project Development - Software Architecture
  - Application Development - System Configuration
  - Test Management - Developer Support
  - Operational Support - User Training

.: individualized and efficient

This is our domain: Software solutions perfectly tailored to fit your business environment. Applications that behave as they're expected to. No more and no less. No excess baggage, no synergy loss, no messing up of reasonable processes.
This is efficiency: Developing software solutions in such a way that the results achieved and the means used guarantee an optimal benefit-cost ratio. We develop applications based on your specific needs and with the purpose of offering you a joyful user experience. Applications for which no suitable marketable standard software products are available. These can be both traditional user programs with graphical user interfaces, as well as purely technical components such as system interfaces or data modeling.

.: digital relations

Relationships are the most important thing in life.
We are forming relationships between man and machine.
Using Software. Highly enjoyable, always fascinating, sometimes emotional, actually digital. We will make sure that you will enjoy using our products.


CHILIBYTES GmbH specializes in the development of customized software solutions for business applications. The focus of each of our development processes is to ensure the best interaction possible between user and software solution, of »man and machine«. Each of our projects' claim is to simplify and accelerate processes.


Our approach »Don't make think!« does not mean to imply that we rather not think about the task at hand, but: Build the application and its processes in such a way that the user can intuitively relate allowing them to optimally achieve his goal. Interaction between us and computers around us with their so-called »user interfaces« is such a relationship. Rather emotional frequently, however, digital for all intents and purposes. Despite all the bells and whistles it nonetheless comes down to the much-quoted 0s and 1s serving as the building blocks of our communication. That's what we call: digital relationships, our »digital relations«.

.: essentially we're developing projects

We look at things as a whole instead of just programming a solitary application. We consider the development and implementation of custom fit solutions as stand-alone projects, and we treat them this way. Our project management will always see to make the balancing act a success: keep project goals in mind, meet expectations with respect to requirements, advocate user interests, keep an eye on project budgets, and to ensure an enjoyable customer experience.

.: this way, please

First of all together we will identify what your goals, ideas, and wishes are. We will classify organizational conditions and procedures, work out solution approaches und prioritize individual requirements.
Implementation kick-off will be our next step already. During this stage we will be prototyping, presenting our results, and in close communication with you evaluate and make adjustments.
Agile software development is the defined goal: Flexible design processes, less administrative burden, meaningful rules and an iterative approach in short cycles yield insights in the fastest possible way. Experts and technical departments are involved in the dialogue at all times. Following successful testing software will be rolled out, and we will support you in your daily work.