» Braveness is the beginning
of business,
and an accident
is a master of the end. «

Which software technologies are we using and how do we apply them?
What do our structures and models look like, and what are our best practices? Which systems, sources, frameworks and environments have we committed to, and which of those do we prefer to design ourselves?

.: technology in our book is a functional instrument

For us the purpose of putting technology to use is to simplify processes and create added value. Provided they're applied at the right time new technologies can simplify things a great deal. But state-of-the-art technologies alone don't guarantee success. Where it makes sense, we are building on existing software environments and specifically integrate them with new applications and today's technologies. Thus, previous investments can continue to be used profitably by exactly aligning them with your requirements.


Sure, it might get a bit special from here, even »nerdy«, which is owed to the business. Nonetheless we would like to allow the technically inclined to have a short peek into our toolbox …

.: objects, oriented

We're developing object-oriented software applications in Java, C/C++, C#, Xcode and if need be, Visual Basic will do the job. Cross-platform programs are built in UNIX/Java, for terminal applications we might take 4GL for a spin. Mobile and tablet apps for Android, iOS and Windows are part of our repertoire, too. Database systems we bring into action include ORACLE, INFORMIX, MySQL or ACCESS. Browser-based solutions for all common browsers are implemented using XHTML with CSS, PHP, PERL, JavaScript and AJAX.

.: toolbox and framework

Programming languages, frameworks and tools provide environments and utilities for a programmer to help him build an application. The design patterns utilized by frameworks also affect the structure of an individual application. In general the model view controller pattern provides the basis for the application architecture.
Hereinafter a small selection from our repertoire of tools:
Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio IDE, SVN/Sub-Version, Microsoft .NET/Visual-Studio, Visual-Source-Safe, SQLServer Studio, Apple Xcode, Sybase/Watcom Power++, Informix SQL/4GL, Oracle, SQLPlus, DB-Visualizer, PHPMyAdmin, Enterprise Architect, MySQL Workbench, JUnit, Spring, Struts, JavaServerFaces, JSP, jQuery, Typo3, Joomla …


Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to ask.